Biolubricant railway switches Pewas Biocon

PEWAS Biocon

is a biodegradable, light yellow-brown oil. PEWAS Biocon is mostly scentless and free of mechanical impurities. It has excellent lubricating qualities and is anticorrosive and hydrophobic. It is used for high loss lubrication of linear bearings such as rail switches and their moving, sliding parts. PEWAS Biocon can be used in the -30 to 90°C temperature range.

Key benefits

  • Non-toxic and easily biodegradable when in contact with microorganisms and soil water
  • Great lubricating and anti-wear qualities
  • Protects against corrosion, loosens corrosive bolts and jammed devices
  • A multifunctional product suitable for repair and maintenance tasks
  • Removes dirt and acts as a degreaser
  • Extends longevity of friction nodes
  • Low consumption of between 3-7 liters per rail switch/year

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