One of a kindsolid lubricant for wheel flanges. PEWAS Lusaso

PEWAS Lusaso

is a special blend of synthetic composite materials, additives and solid lubricants formed into solid blocks for use in the lubrication of rails and wheel flanges, portal and rail cranes, locomotives, trams, metro wagons, and other devices running on steel rails. We are proud to be one of the very few companies in the world to offer this unparalleled quality lubricant to increase the longevity of rail flanges and significantly reduce the consumption of lubricant compared to the use of synthetic grease.

Key benefits

  • Increased longevity of wheel flanges and rail wheels (by 10 % compared to synthetic grease*)
  • Significantly reduced lubricant consumption (by 50 -100 times compared to synthetic grease*)
  • Reduced energy consumption by 3-7%
  • Reduced repair and maintenance costs of the wheel and rails, especially on railway curves
  • Lowered financial losses from less frequent decommission of the vehicle for renovation
  • Increased safety of operation (fewer cases of derailment)
  • Reduced operation noise
  • Significantly reduced contamination of railway environment thanks to very precise application

Operational results

tested on Slovak lines > Banská Bystrica – Brezno (winding, challenging railway profile)

tested on international lines > Vienna – Zagreb – Belgrade (dusty railway profile)

From the real testing we can conclude that approximately 1 piece of LUSASO stick (120 g) is used by 1 wheel flange over 10.000 km, depending on the dustiness of the railway surrounding and frequency of curves on the railway profile.

Please see our product brochure with a case study from the test runs. You can contact us at for any further information.